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1. Welcome to our website: www.webrahost.com

This website is owned by Webrasoft SRL and you can use it if you accept these terms of service and the privacy policy linked in this document. By using this website you accept the terms listed here and the privacy policy referenced in this document. If you do not fully agree with these documents you need to stop using the website.

There is an additional contract which you need to accept when you register for the services described on this page. This contract is referenced in paragraph 5 of this document.

We reserve the right to make changes at any time to this terms and privacy policy.

If you have any questions regarding this agreement please contact us at contact@webrahost.com

2. Description of Services

Webrasoft SRL is offering the following services on the www.webrahost.com website.

  • Web hosting, Laravel Hosting and WordPress Hosting;
  • Email hosting;
  • Domain registration services;
  • Registration and installation of SSL certificates.

These services and the related offers are described in the contract referenced in paragraph 5. Please read this contract for more details.

The prices listed on our website do not include VAT, therefore we need to add VAT for each EU customer without a valid VAT number.

The client receives an account after he fulfils the order for the services on the website. This account can be used to view the ordered services and the invoice status.

Please note that the website and services are offered with limitation of liability. All service warranties are states in the contract referenced in paragraph 5 of this document.

3. User Provided Information

During registration you must provide true and accurate information and you are responsible to maintain accurate and complete contact information over time.

You are responsible for all activities that are done through your account so please keep your account details confidential. You must not use the service for illegal purposes, to threaten, to harass other persons or to harm, damage, hack the service or other networks.

4. Acceptable use policy

Services are offered to be used only within the limits of the law. Any abuse or potentially damaging use of services is strictly forbidden and is not tolerated.

Webrasoft cannot be held responsible for customer actions. If Webrasoft SRL notices or receives complains that the service was abused or used to harm others it will close your account and stop your access immediately and without prior notification.

5. The Contract

Services are offered by Webrasoft SRL as described and according to the contract which is made available here.

Services are selected by users and communicated to Webrasoft SRL during order. By completing the order, customers agree and are bound to the contract terms. Webrasoft SRL will issue an invoice for the ordered items. The invoice contains the list of services and duration for which the services are offered therefore the information on this invoice together with the specified duration will become part of the contract.

Please find the detailed description inside the contract referenced at the beginning of this paragraph.

6. Return policy

Webrasoft SRL sells online services which are not shipped via post so returning ordered items does not apply.

If you are not satisfied with the web hosting services or email hosting services you can request a refund in the first 14 days from the date of the contract. The refund must be requested in written form to our contact address.

Domain registration payments cannot be refunded. Domain registration complies with rules issue by the owners of top level domain registry. Webrasoft SRL acts as an intermediary between you and the TLD owner.

The start date of the contract is the date when the order is registered in our system.

7. Privacy and cookie policy

Your privacy is important to use this is why our website uses a SSL certificate which enables secured browsing on our website. Please read fully the complete Privacy and cookie policy which is available here and which is a part of this document.

8. Copyright

This website together with the Webrahost brand is owned by Webrasoft SRL.

You can use information or parts of this website only if you place a correct working link to this website together with the reused parts which you publish.

This website uses parts of code written by other people. The parts are used according to the terms issued by the original owner.

9. Contact

We always maintain proper electronic and geographical contact address on our website. For logistic reasons please contact us via email for technical support or any other request that you might have regarding your account:


We will contact you in matters regarding payment, your account status and in order to provide information regarding our service.

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